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Can I evict without a lease agreement?

I was hoping I could get a suggestion on a rental situation I have in Westchester County NY.  I rent part of my home to tenants.  I only have a verbal contract with them and they are behind about 4 months  on the rent we verbally agreed to.  I agreed to accept small payments here & there since November of 2010.  I own the house so they don't pay utilities or anything extra.  All I ask is a monthly rent.  We have no contract in writing other than the amount that is owed to me has been signed by the tenant.  Can I legally evict them?  If I press the issue, can I get in trouble?

File for eviction today.
Could I please get a more detailed & educated opinion from someone please?  My question was not  "How soon can I file for eviction?".  Considering my full question & situation could someone offer some advise that would enlighten me a little more?
depends on your states laws on tenancy and eviction. usually, you can evict anyone, If its your home and you allow them to live in part of it you can more than likely evict them from the residence. but again, thats all dependant on your states residency laws
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