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Tenant & HR Department lied on app about income

I just signed a lease with a tenant, I'm new to this (first tenant).  I called place of employment to verify income & hire date, the lady whom answered the phone put me on hold and gave me all the information I asked for.  It's now a week later and a co-worker of mine knows the tenant, her husband told my co-wrker his wife made a different amount.  I didn't ask for check stubs since I called the work place but now i'm unsure what to do.  I emailed the tenant and asked her to send last two check stubs for my files and she did with a note on them that they don't have her OT on them which is 20 hrs a week.  What her husband told my co-worker was right and now I don't know what to do.  Do i let them stay and wait until they don't pay, or give them notice to move out based on the lie on the application.  I also now realize that I'm sure I didn't talk to the HR department, should I call and let them know what the receptionist did?  
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Did you perform a credit check on them?
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