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Hostile/Lying/Falsely Being Accused by Tenant who is Alcoholic/Obsessed

Hello, First tried to charge tenant who peed in drawer, yes, urinated.. I cleaned it up and called him on phone even waited 'till after the holiday (July 4th). He ranted he didn't want to pay the $20 and complained about mowing lawn which was verbal agreement he had been doing for months (his rent is $250/mo for porch). SO, I told him on phone I didn't want to rent to him next month. Then, same day and 3 weeks before his paid stay was finished at end of July. So July 5th he got 1st email to move. He answered with lies & accusations. So, a few days later, still way before the 15 day limit I have, I wrote "official" NOTICE I cannot rent to you next month. Please vacate by August 1 @ 10AM. So now, he is threatening me to call police, landlord, & City Ordinance to spite me. He has made me sick with all the awful lies & accusations in the emails he sent me. Is there any recourse I have? I don't want him next month. I am afraid of him. He is alcoholic and mean, cursing at me when I enter "his space" to shut the windows he left wide open with the air on. He rents one side of the Porch and the walk thru to the front door/living rm door and 3 windows are not part of the rented space.  And, had original agreement he would keep couch clear so that porch looks like a porch instead of someones bedroom they just got out of bed. Drawing the curtains was part of agreement ~ that if he didn't I would go out there and make it look like a porch so that when I looked thru my window in the living room thru to the porch and outside the porch wasn't an eyesore with bedclothes visible all over the couch.. there's a place behind the couch to put pillow, etc. Anyway, this tenant violently confronted another tenant when it was Problem Tenant's fault. My next door neighbor witnessed this unreasonable yelling at an innocent. He thought there was going to be a fight. All because Problem Renter who mows grass with expensive equipment DIDN'T WALK THE YARD BEFORE HE MOWED WITH HIS EXP EQUIP.  My neighbor said to me "Everyone knows, the lawn guy walks the yard before he mows"  "I never pick up anything and they come on the day it's convenient to them.. I never know when they're coming to pickup anyway. "Everyone knows the guy mowing the lawn is supposed to walk the yard 1st."  So, fact is this guy is mean & vindictive. The very things he accuses me of is what he is. I have all his emails which show his robot determination on made-up assertions like him saying I go out there and take his things that I stole a sheet & case which were mine and on the couch before he moved in. But, the alcoholism I think is dementing him. He is a diminishing alcoholic who is "well-versed" with law terms and I think he evolves his life picking apart his enemies.  He is threatening to report me and all this stuff if I act according to my rights as a landlord. I am sick from his multiple harassing emails. Do I have recourse? HELP! THANKS!
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Telephone calls have their place but when dealing with an abusive Tenant, written correspondence is better.  You must use a Notice to Vacate that is specific to your state's regualtions and concurrent with your lease agreement. Take pictures and get as much evicdence as you can regarding this Tenant's behavior and actions. Send him the proper notice and then begin eviction immediately within Florida's regulations.
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