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Changing common area locks of property

My tenant has a non payment against him and received a 3 day notice today, I have tried to work with him, we had  set a meeting for today at 2pm after he received 48hrs notice for me to check  a plumbing issue in the building and for him to give some proof that he was trying to raise the lease payment. I had left to go to meeting but nobody would answer door or phone, called attorney who said I was allowed to enter to check plumbing issue. When I opened door security latch was on and tenant said I was unlawfully trying to enter unit and kicked the door into my head. I called the police but because there were two people  inside unit and I did not see the person who kicked the door, I could not press charges. But the police did allow me to check the plumbing. After such a violent action against me, I'm now concerned about the other owners of this  privately owned residence with only four units. Can the HOA change the locks to the common areas of entrances to building to prevent tenant access, if does not meet his lease notice?
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