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Lease holders want to evict other tenants not on a month-to-month lease

We have one tenant who moved with us into the property 2 1/2 years ago who did not sign the lease. We were allowed to have 1 other tenant live with us according to the lease. 5 months ago he started letting his girlfriend stay over and she eventually moved in without our permission. Our manager knows that she lives there but has not told the landlord because she doesn't want us to be evicted. We verbally negociated an amount that she owed and what they owe together. We have been accepting small payments here and there but they are not paying the full amount (including utilities). We have asked them to leave multiple times but they keep asking for more time and are making no effort to leave. What should we do? Since it is a month-to-month can we just say we do not want to rent to them the next month and give them a 30 day notice?
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In order for a you to remove the unauthorized tenant from the property, you must go through an eviction process. While some states allow self-help evictions, most states now require landlords to go through the judicial process. I would serve an eviction notice, below are two links to CA eviction notices. File an eviction action in court if the tenant does not meet the eviction notice terms. A process server will need to serve the papers to the tenant.
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