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Immigration issue

My tenants were late for the month of October and I have been looking for them and have been unable to find them.  In my search I have found out that they are in India and have lost their jobs and sponsorship to come back to the states, I just wanted to know if I can move immediately to have their stuff removed from the apartment and find a new tenant.  If anyone has had experience with this please let me know.  Thanks and regards, Brett Hyman  
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Most states have specific regualtions and procedures to handle property abandoment. In Maryland, a lease may not contain any provision authorizing the landlord to take possession of the leased premises or the tenant's personal property unless the lease has been terminated and the tenant has abandoned the personal property. SO in order to gain possession and dispose of the tenants personal property, you will need to go through the eviction route. If you believe that trash, garbage, or any utility like water may be running; than you can enter the premises to secure it and remove items that may pose a health threat by leaving them. BUT make sure that you DOCUMENT and take pictures!!
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