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Problematic tenants

Have Tenants who are 25 days from the end of the lease agreement, 1 year, due to drunken behavior, I lost a tenant and the police have been called out there several times due to their drunken aggressive behavior. Do i have to give 30 days notice due to circumstances?

I am renting a brand new house from my mother, making her the landlord. I sublet one of the bedrooms to a friend and she is now 12 days late for rent. I gave her the Pay Rent or Quit Notice of 5 days after a week had already passed of this month, and she has failed to even give a partial payment, which I would have accepted and would let her pay the rest later. I have unfortunately already warned her and told her I wanted her out ASAP. I told her I would have her evicted and the local sheriff would forcibly remove her from the premises. Is that considered harrassing or threatening a tenant? She only had a month to month lease with me which expired last month (we did not renew this month), and I unfortunately only gave her a verbal agreement that she find somewhere else to live by the end of this month. She says she will move her stuff out herself tomorrow. Once she moves out on her own, will she be able to pursue anything legally from me? She does not have a lease for the current month she has not paid for.
Same as above.  It is considered an at-will agreement and a 30 day notice to move out will be required.  It will be up to you to evict her.  If you leave and she stays the apt/homeowner may sue you for the costs of evicting her as she was not allowed on the lease and you left her there.  Serve her a 30 (60 days if longer than 1 year) day notice to move out, then an unlawful detainer and then, if necessary, the sheriff to do a lock out.  Good luck.
I have a roommate whom i let move in out of the kindness of my heart.She causes me nothing put problems.What happens when there is not a lease agreement.she has lived in my home for about 3 years.
Yes.  It will automatically convert to a month to month or at will tenancy.  In CA anything over 1 year, requires a 60 day notice.  I would do a 30 day notice to quit quickly.
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