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Eviction without a Lease in Georgia

I have a tenant that is renting a room /share a townhome that I own.  The tenant has given me $100 on April X.  He owes $70 immediately to continue occupancy till April 30.  He owes $400 due May 1st.   The tenant has not produced any more money.   There is no lease signed.  (I was in the middle of preparing a lease).   I went over to the house and it was trashed.  I asked him to vacate the property.  He said no.  Since there is no lease - what should I do? A) Get him to sign a year lease now and then serve eviction notice? B) Get him to sign month to month agreement and then evict him? C)  Get him to sign a Tenant at will  or a borders agreement - then evict him? D)  Serve him with a Georgia 3 Day Demand for Possession form? E)  Give him $100 to move out and get him to sign a letter that he agrees to leave for $100. Any help is greatly apprecated.  I have learned my lesson well!!  Thank you!!
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If you think he'll actually move out immediately for $100, make the offer, but don't give him the $100 until his belongings are all gone and he's given back the keys.  Otherwise just serve him with the eviction notice and file in court ASAP.
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