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Always  late with rent in AZ

Tenant was given 5 Day Notice to Pay or Quit.  If tenant pays full amount within the 5  days, and is late again is there a law where the tenant can be evicted for continuing to be late with rent, or do I have to send another 5 Day Notice to Pay or Quit?  I really want this tenant out of my house. Please help!
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The tenant can pay all of the rent and any late fees any time before the lawsuit is filed and avoid eviction. If the eviction action has been filed, then the tenant must pay all past due rent, late fees, attorney’s fees and court costs. If the tenant does so before a judgment is entered, he can avoid eviction. After a judgment has been entered, reinstatement of the lease is solely in the landlord’s discretion.  If you have a clause in your lease that specifies that frequent lateness is cause for eviction; than you can add this to a lawsuit, that accusation.  
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