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Tenant wants a 5-day eviction?

I have a tenant on a month to month. the paperwork states they must notify 30 days before they move out. They have an organization that is helping them with rent. The organization called me just now and wanted me to send them a 5-day eviction notice so that they can move them into a different home. It sounds like in order for them to move into the other home they need my eviction.    Is there anything I can do? Should I send them the eviction even though I am not evicting them? Is there a penalty for not giving me a 30 day notice?   thanks for your help.
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If they've paid up for this month, you might as well let them go, and give them a notice if that's what they want.  If they haven't paid yet for this month, serve them the notice and actually follow through in court, so you can get a judgment for the rent they owe you.
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