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evicting a roommate on  a month to month

I have a guy that i let stay in my house for last couple of months... he was agreeable to help out with bill.  but seems to think that transportation and items like toliet paper are to be supplied by me.  Two months ago he asked me if he  could have a female friend move in... doubled my bills   but they feel no need to assist with any money outside what he agreed with for him.... he is also drunk and verbally trying to effect my job and lively hood.... I have tried to be nice  was trying to help but now I am actually not feeling safe in my own home... neither is my other female roommate... and he also has in last week hit his girlfriend.... any fast ways to do this....  hopeless and scared in kansas
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Hi Wendy, if he is posing a physical threat you can call the police, but otherwise you will have to go through the eviction process. I would serve him with an eviction notice, then file in court for eviction.
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