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Tenant gave 21 day notice to teminate lease

We have a month to month lease which we should of never agreed to but to late.  The tenant moved in June 1st and paid 1 month rent pluse security deposit.  Which we held the house for 3 weeks for them before they rented it.  They have been a pain the rear since they moved in with demands for all kinds of thing very trivial.  On the 13th of June they gave us a 21 day notice to terminate the lease and they said they will be out June 30th buy midnight.  Today is the 23rd and they are still moving stuff in. What do I do if they are not out on the 30th? How long does it take to get them out if they don't go?  I have snother renter that really wants to move i on July 3rd. Help
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If they don't vacate by the 30th you'll need to go through the eviction process. There's an article overview of the eviction process on this site, if you're not familiar with it.
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