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Tenant always late have possible new tenants

I have a tenant that signed a lease for 1 year, that lease term ended 1/30/11, she is now on a month-to-month basis, still paying late every month.  For the past 4 months I have forwarded eviction notices to her by Fed-Ex delivery, and each time she came up with the rent.  I have never filed with the court for eviction because she has paid the rent, but I don't want her as a tenant anymore and I now have 4 possible new tenants, but they all want to be in the house by July 1, 2011, it is now June 17, 2011. Can I just give her a 10 day notice without a reason to vacate the premises?, But I actually do have reasons, she stil hasn't paid for this month, I have been notified and fined for lawn violations with the HOA.  Also, I want her to pay me what she owes, plus for any damages to the house.  Would I be able to get the rent she owes and the damages?
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Good luck with that one. It's 14 days out, no one is going to expect someone to move out within 14 days without previously being served. You can notify them of non-renewal, but you still have to give them a month. Also, I'm not sure how the lawn violations play into this at all - usually landlords are responsible for lawn care - so unless you have this directly written in your lease that won't affect her.

As some people have said on this site, sometimes if you want people to move out quickly, you can always offer a little encouragement in the term of money. IE: "If you're out by the first, I'll forgive your last months rent and late fees and I'll give you $100 on top of whatever security deposit is due back to you." Hope this helps!
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