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Evict a weekly paid squatter Reno, NV

I'm not a landlord but i thought this forum may be of help since i'm not sure what else to do. So i have a year lease that ends in sept 2011 and my friend needed a place to stay,  i told her she could stay with me and pay rent. She pays weekly, but not always. She currently owes back rent and owes from a previous verbal agreement to borrow money.  She is also now giving keys to her sons (with their stuff) to live at the apartment (on my couch) as well as bringing cats into the aprtment to live. This was never spoken of. I jus found them there when i came home and they have not left since 2 weeks ago. I need to kick her out but I was told i need to make a contract in case she has squatting laws. I would love to jus change the locks but im not sure if i would get sued for it. Suggestions?

Oh and how much time do i need to give her since she (for the most part) pays weekly?
She's paying (or paid) you rent - you're subletting or renting to her so you will need to evict her if you want. First lesson, never lend money verbally, especially if you ever expect to get the money back. Next lesson, she may have to be evicted, that normally takes notice of eviction (at least 30 days generally) and can take some time.
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