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Three day pay or quit

Tenant failed to pay there very first months rent ,they were given three day notice then court paper work filed on the 4th they were serve them and they received them. They moved out before court date, that was good.  The tenant  left the place dirty had also movied  in other parties not on lease and were smoking drugs in unit. also had two dogs. My guestion is the place is still not rented does the tenant still owe rent until the unit is rented again because they were in a years lease and any damages, court cost, etc. or because they were given a three day pay or quit and they before the court date do they still owe till the unit is re-rented?  Thank you, Mike,in Montana                     
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Are you saying there is still someone living there? If so, you will have to go through the courts to have then evicted, Otherwise, make sure that you follow your state's procedures for the retur of a security deposit including making any necessary deductions. If the security deposit does not cover all the damages, then you can take your tenant to court and sue for the unpaid balance.
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