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Landlord (not ambulance) chasing in Florida

If you are a landlord in FL.  LISTEN UP.  When you file your 3-day notice.....and initial paperwork.,,,MAKE SURE ALL YOUR I are dotted and your T's crossed.  Florida lawyers are hunting the landlords.  Here is the way it works.  The eviction filings each day are available on the internet,  The lawyer sends a form letter to the tenant saying something to the effect..."we understand you are having a problem with your landlord....we will review your paperwork for free and may be able to help you avoid eviction...etc etc.  Well, if they find ANY flaw in your paperwork, you can count on the threat of a suit arriving in your mailbox within a week stating what law you have violated!  It is all, boilerplate stuff but seizes on the fine points of the law.  You are forced to drop the eviction, and re=file....and here's the rub.  The attorney is working on a contingent basis for the tenant!  In order to avoid the lawsuit, you must negotiate the FEE the lawyer wants.  Otherwise you hire a lawyer...go to court and lose.  The swing can be 4-5 grand counting lost rent.  The lawyer will ask for say 1-2 grand to stay out of court.  You are holding paperwork with a legal hole in it......and will have a lighter checkbook because of it.  MAKE SURE...CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK YOUR PAPERWORK....BEFORE YOU FILE.  IF YOU ARE IGNORANT TO THE LAW OR ARE NOT SURE...HAVE YOUR ATTORNEY LOOK IT OVER BEFORE FILING,  This has become common practice in FL......Landlord chasing....for fun and legal extortion.  Working for the deadbeat tenant has become quiet profitable for some firms.  DON'T BECOME A VICTIM!!!!  MAKE SURE YOUR PAPERWORK IS SOLID!   
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