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Evicting a tenant

After the 3 day notice to vacate am I ready to go and file with the courts for eviction?  We gave him the 3 day notice and he asked for time to move.  Foolishly we allowed til the end of the month and now he is pushing it to the 4th.  We see no movement towards packing and I feel we need to know the next step.  Any advice?

FIRST: Before filing a Complaint to recover possession, a landlord must serve a Three-Day Notice demanding payment of rent or possession of the premises within three (3) days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays) after the date of delivery of notice. After the expiration time on the service of the Three-Day Notice you may proceed with filing the Complaint for Eviction. Be sure to count the days as specified above. THEN: The landlord shall file the original Complaint and sufficient copies of the Complaint for each tenant with the Clerk. The Court must also receive a copy of the Three-Day Notice and a copy of the lease, if one exists. You must also attach a copy of the notice and lease to each copy of the Complaint. The Complaint must be signed in the presence of a deputy clerk or must be notarized by a notary public.
I was suppose to be in courtr today but miss it thinking it was on december 2,2011 to evict my tenant  she say she went and the judge dismiss it  what i need to do  i am going back down to  court house to file anothert paper  she owe me $1134.00 in rent and her lease was up on the 18th of october  2011.  my email adress is studaway
You can't evict a tenant due to bad behavior. You can only evict for non-payment of rent and/or lease violations. Give notice that they will be required to vacate when the current lease ends. As for the gun issue, call the local authorities. If there are charges made, may leases allow termination due to criminal activity.
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