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I need to evict boyfriend who is living off me

I need to evict boyfriend who  has lived with me for 4 years.   I own condo. He doesn't have a  lease, doesn't receive mail there, and refuses to move out.   He gambles most of his paycheck and gives me very little money.   ( Ding Dong I have finally had enough)  He refuses to move out, so I guess I will have to go through an eviction process.   I live in Colorado.   I  have never represented myself as being married to him.   In fact I don't think he is divorced from his last wife.   (too cheap)   He could gamble with that money.    What is  the route I should take?
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This may fall under mmore of a domestic dispute. If you own the condo, and can prove this, the police may escort him right out.
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