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Big Problem with tenants abandoning rental property

I'm a newer landlord, so far it's all been okay with small issues.  I had some tenants move in about 6 months ago and they signed a year lease with me.  However, I knew of one of the tenants from like 20 years earlier.  They moved in and they had made me under the impression with 4 adults and two children living there that they could afford to be there.  Well, they had financial trouble the very next month.  So this has been since October they have had really late rent, always had to pay late fees, etc.  My big problem is they are moving out of the state and they apparently already left the residence, and he was supposed to meet me at the latest today to pay up before they move and hand in keys.  Well i waited for him at the residence and he never showed.  I've been trying to contact him all day.  I went into the home (which was unlocked), my house keys I had given them were sitting on a stand inside the living room.  They left the house in a horrible condition with furniture and junk everywhere!  He will not contact me.  What do I do? My house payments are behind because of them, and I'm looking to give the property back to the bank if they will let me.  I also do not have any forwarding address for them. How long do I have before I can get rid of all their stuff and change the locks?  would it be legally worth taking to court if I'm so far behind on payments?  I learned the hard way about being nice to someone!!  I will be paying for this for many years to come!
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File in court. They won't show up for the hearing, so it'll be an easy court date, and then you can file for a judgment. It'll be a while before they actually pay you, but eventually they'll need that judgment off their credit, and they'll call you up asking to settle. You can also collect interest on the judgment.
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