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Move-Out & Eviction

I agreed to let a family move in to my rental house.  The agreement was, first month free and no security deposit, in exchange, necessary repairs and painting would be done.  Repairs and painting was done, but they refused to sign a rental agreement (tore it up), and have not paid rent for the past 2 months.  What is the proper procedure to get them out?  Do I still have to go through the eviction process, even though we have no rental agreement?  Dolores California

By now they have what is known as squatters rights. Basically, even though they have no rental agreement, they have lived in there for a period of time (usually just over a week) without interference. You will need to start an eviction process to move them out. If they tore up the rental agreement, which I assume was in front of you before you allowed them to move in, you should never let them enter the house.
Tenants of the home didnt aquire permission to let a friend to move in . the tenants are my son and girlfriend and they asked him to leave and he refuses What can i do ? please help
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