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Security Deposit Return

My tenants have terminated a 1 year lease agreement after 7 months. The wife moved out and the husband was not able to afford the full rent for January so he paid what he could. That said, I have found a new tenant who will move in on the 4th of February and he will be moving out the end of this month. The Husband agreed to forfeit the deposit, however I want to be sure the wife will not come back and try to sue for the balance. Can I deduct the balance owed for the month of january and all monies I will have to incur to rerent the property? Can I deduct  the repainting, landscaping, carpet cleaning and re-keying the locks from the security deposit. I will have to repaint even though we just had it professionally painted in April because I noticed the walls were dirty and the ceiling in one of the rooms looks to have a small chipping that is falling. I am not sure if they hit the ceiling with something which caused this...
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