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I received an email from my renter, who had previously given her 30 day notice with some mild hostility.  In her email she admitted to an abusive situation she had gotten into, and the other person wouldn't move out.  she also says that he is still there, while she is now moved out of the property.  Does anyone know what my rights are, as to moving him out.

In order for a you to remove the unauthorized tenant from the property, you must go through an eviction process. While some states allow self-help evictions, most states now require landlords to go through the judicial process. I would serve an eviction notice, below are two links to CA eviction notices. File an eviction action in court if the tenant does not meet the eviction notice terms. A process server will need to serve the papers to the tenant.  
So if a person was never on the lease, and the leased renter is no longer on the property, the squatter still has to be evicted as a tenant?  The renter says in an email that he was living there against her will.
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