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Sub renting room

, I am a residential renter who has sub rented a room with the landlords consent. I want to terminate the agreement with the occupant in the room. we have no contract but she gets mail there. What do i do?
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This is a difficult situation. If the landlord permitted you to sublet but there is no new contract substantiating this, then it is all up to you to remove the tenant. The tricky situation here is establishing her tenancy to you. If she is getting mail at this residence, this established her residency/tenancy. You would probably have to send her proper notice according to your states laws and most likely have a reason to evict. then pay filing and court fees and file and go through eviction procedures. Remember always to have paperwork via a sub- lease or a lease amendment that sets up the relationship from the beginning. Otherwise a sublet situation can be very obscure and you could be stuck with that person or in a messy court drama.
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