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72 Hour Eviction Notice for Non Payment of Rent

I am so confused. on what dates to use in the document.   When attempting to create the document here in ezLandlord Forms..  Rent due 11/1/11. I will post and mail on 11/8/11.  The document asks for two dates... one, I think was a 3 day and the other a 5 day.  What do I use?  Judy

Here's more info on dates.  Date of my notice will be 11/8/11... Post & Mail date will be 11/11/11....  I believe these are correct; however, there were two other dates ask for when attempting to create the document here in az forms.  Judy C
Hi Judy. In Oregon an extra 4 days is permitted for first class mail. If you create the form and download - you will see the entire form with the dates filled in. I will see if we can make this clearer. Thank you! If you ever have a question that needs immediate attention, feel free to contact customer support via the LIVE CHAT. It is available 7 days a week!
Thanks!  I got it and if "he" doesn't get to us with rent in the next 2 days....  I'll be mailing and posting to door on Tuesday the 8th.  I sure hope this eviction goes ok and I won't be needing to go to court.....   Judy
In California, Can this form be delivered via text or is it only acceptable, (in the courts view) to hand deliver, leave a copy and/or mail?
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