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I got the judgement against my tenant but then she left the home

Hi,   Anyone ran into a situation where the judgement was given in favor of landlord (in Virigina) and 10 day period was given to either settle the matter or landlord was asked to come back and file for writ of possession. On 10th day, tenant just left the home and informed me(landlord) that the keys are left outside the home. Do I just take the possession or still go through court to get the official authority to enter my property?  Thanks  FL

It would give you insight of the process if you continue and you will be awarded damages for late fees and rent. If you want to pursue you could garnish her wages but most at this stage don't bother. Shes gone and most likely has no money. Spend your efforts getting it rented.
Check with the utility companies to see if she closed the accounts. If so, you can reasonably assume she's gone.
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