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Tenant wont move out.  

Hello all,  I am actually renting a house in Delaware and I am the only one on the lease.  I have been trying for a while now to get the father of my children to move out and he refuses to leave.  Please tell me how do I get him out of the house since he wont go on his own.    Thank you  Stephanie

If he is on the rental agreement, you will have to go to court to evict him then have the sheriff do a lock out.  It might be cheaper and easier to just move yourself.  Going to court is lengthy, costly and emotionally debilitating.  Good Luck!
Thanks.. He actually is NOT on the rental agreement only I am.   
The law says if he gets his mail there and lists that address as his home, it is.  So you can have him evicted.  give him a 3 day notice to quit.  Then file an unlawful detainer.  Go to court and then have the sheriff lock him out.  It is expensive but you can ask the courts for all the eviction costs in the unlawful detainer and he will have to pay them.  Good luck!
Same here in Texas.  Give em a 3 day notice, then go to the Justice of the Peace office and have the sheriff kick him out.  Hope it works.
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