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Archstone Move out charges are WA State LAWS?? I don't think so

Archstone Seattle suggests that it is state law to have the carpets and walls  professionally and outside vendor cleaned and painted totalling 432 in move out costs that the tenant is required to pay on move out?? It was not mentioned in the lease agreement except as 20 days written notice, keys given back and apartment in same as or better condition minus normal wear and tear. The carpets were cleaned but the walls were not painted on our move in and isn't that what they are supposed to provide to release for their benefit? They also want tenants to sign 100 percent deposit waiver per future charges as well and agree to pay or provide receipts of professional cleaning services before final inspection. With future charges damages to follow.  Can this be true? And voiding the back pages of this "move out form" which isnt mentioned in the lease agreement constitutes negating the move out 20 day notice so our lease is considered still active....  The bookkeeper is supposed to call me soon. What role could she possibly have?
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I am not sure of your questions......but ALWAYS complete a move-in inspection BEFORE you move in and give it to your landlord. Note any concerns, repairs needed, damage (no matter how small you may think it is). This protects the Tenant and the Landlord from differences of opinion regarding the condition of the apartment at move-out. Also, request to have an inspection WITH the landlord before you move.
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