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Help for a tenant in this forum?

Seems that this site is a forum for Landlords, but I wonder if I could get your opinion of a situation as I am in as a renter? We have been renting a house in Boulder Colorado for 2 years and decided to rent for another 2 years but we asked landlord if we could have an early termination agreement put in, as my husband is in a business that could move him around. We all signed a 90-day early termination addendum agreement, and 4 months later we let the landlord know we would be leaving in 90 days. They are now coming up with all sorts of reasons why we cannot do this and now they want to sue us. We offered to find someone to rent the house, which we don't have to to do, but they are dissecting the wording to their  advantage, and are threatening to sue us. Can anyone here help us? We do not have the money to hire a lawyer to fight this suit.  many thanks,  Barbara
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Threats are just that, threats.  If the early termination agreement is signed by all parties, and you have adhered to it's terms, and sent whatever required notification to your landlord in writing, then you are in the "right". BUT, that does not mean that the landlord cannot sue you in court. It will be landlord tenant court, or small claims most likely. These cases are fairly cut and dry, you present your side with any evidence, they present theirs and the judge rules. Just make sure that you have ALL your ducks in a row. Furthermore, they may say they are going to sue to scare you.
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