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personal property left behind

Evicting tenant, have delivered eviction notice, Tenant is moving, but wants to leave furniture and other personal property behind til she can get established. Not sure how long it will be. A contract was made earlier in the Month stating that I, the landlord, would keep the furniture in my home until May 1st, 2011. That date is coming up soon. In the Texas law, a past tenant has the right to get their personal items up to 3 years later. My question is, since we have the contract signed, by landlord, and the tenant and witnessed by two other parties, stating that I would only keep the furniture til May 1st, Do I still have to give the personal items back to the owner if she askes for them back before 3 years is up? Do I have the right to remove personal items after May 1st, 2011.

I'd tell the tenants you are disposing of the items tomorrow, and if they want them, they better come get them.  Hold off on actually disposing of the items to see if the tenant takes you to court over the next couple weeks, and if not, then actually dispose of the items.
As long as you send a notice that it will be discarded in 30 days, you may throw out everything after that time. I would also call your local court house just to make sure that there are not local regulations.
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