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Unauthorized tenants.

I give for rent a house in WA. I moved in a guy he signed the leas for 9 month and his girlfriend had bad background history I just wrote hir with kids and didn't want her on lease. He is on the front of agreement, but she signed it to. Now after 2month he moved out but she stayed , they had problem her husband moved in without any authorization. And My tenant- guy had to call the police to get his things out from the house. I will try to approve her husbent by giving an application, but if he is no good can I go to police and ask to move them out for trespassing on property? Or I need to start the eviction?  Is there any other ways?  
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At this point they probably have squatter's rights, and will therefore have to be evicted. I would serve them with an eviction notice and start the process.
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