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Back Rent and damages to be collected

Anyone know what forms or action can be taken when the tenant vacates the property before eviction takes place, says they would leave the unit clean and damage free, once they left the property was found in deplorable condition and flea infested. What can be done now anyone know..Lake Worth, FL

Well California and Florida you first must annually inspect.  You can do a 6 month inspection too.  This will help to evaluate your tenant and weather you need to evict and stead letting them ride over a year.  Pictures are a must before leasing and after! You must certify all mail threw the Post Office, any notice, they don't sign that's fine when you file your civil suit you have proof you followed the law to notify.    When you first credit check they must supply social security number (must show card), job information.  This will help in the civil suit.  You can track them for life.  You can garish their pay.   An every adult that moves in must supply the same information.  All are responsible for your property.    GOOD LUCK
I am not sure about what can be done in Florida, but I have a similar question here in California. I had a lease the tenants were supposed to clean the property before they left, instead they left it filthy!  They also damaged several things in hidden areas of my home.  They left cigarette burns in the carpet, damaged a window, broke blinds (rolled them up during walk through). They broke the faucet mount of the kitchen sink, underneath the sink.  They broke the microwave and left it filthy with grease/grime on the outside like slimy sludge, just disgusting.  We couldn't even open it, because they broke the button clear off. (this was new when they got the place)  They broke all 6 knobs on the stoves (cracked on the inside, not visible to the naked eye).  The knobs are $57.00/piece.  They also broke the self cleaning oven feature.  The stove was a $3000.00 stove and just one year old when they moved in.  It was still under warranty the 1st year and a half that they were there and per our lease agreement, they were to notify me immediately if there were any problems, anything broken, damaged, not functioning properly etc.  I could have had some of these things repaired under warranty.  They broke one of the toilets, cracked the bolts at the base right off, but left it so it looked fine.  They left the toilet filthy, leaving the toilet seats filthy and soiled in using.  I don't believe that they ever cleaned anything.   The cleaning service went through 6 canisters of dirt and dust, just vacuuming.  They left the walls in the entry way splattered with food and the kitchen ceiling and cupboards splattered with food too.  They broke the wrought iron gates to the pool, damaging the brick walls.  They broke the shower door and left a hole in the wall of one of the bedrooms.  They painted terribly without my consent and left the walls a mess! My list goes on!   Anyhow, my lease agreement included a deposit that could be used for cleaning and repairs to damages that they left behind.  I kept their deposit, because I used it to repair my property.  The damage far exceeded the amount of their deposit and I have billed them for it, but I have yet to see a dime.  I did what the law required me to do here in the state of California, which was to document all of the repairs, prepare an itemized statement, and provide them a copy of all of the receipts within 21 days of them vacating the premises.  They claimed not to receive the documents, even though I had a professional delivery service hand deliver to them (signature required).  They still claimed not to receive them, but not only did I have them physically delivered, I also emailed them copies of the receipts and statements to an address that they cannot say they don't use, because it is the exact email address they used to dispute the charges.  I now need to know how do I get them to pay me, without me spending any more out-of-pocket money.
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