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tenants won't pay and won't leave

i have tenants that haven't paid since nov.  already been to magistrate.  have a judgement for $2000.  they have 10 days to pay, 5 down already.  They won't return calls.  They aren't even staying there, just their stuff.  they won't pay and won't leave.  We have new tenants ready to move in.  After 10 days, I have to file again, (another $150).  Then they have another 30 days to appeal the decision.  They are just being vindictive and making sure we can't rent it.  We have even offered for them to just leave and not pay anything!  I can't get rid of them.  Only to find out later that they do this to every landlord, stores, relatives, etc.  They are 18 & 19!    We are in danger of foreclosure because of this and have used our personal money to keep afloat and now out of that.  What exactly will happen to us if we move their stuff out in PA?
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