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landlord threatens to cut off water

 My landlord threatens to cut off the water. If I don't pay the water bill. He gave me a bill that he made up and not the original bill from the company. I asked to see his bill for the 3 apartment complex that he lives in also. He said no. I suspect fowl play with the amount he is charging me. So I won't pay the bill until he shows me a copy of the bill for the whole building. i need to see if i am being charged 1/3 of the cost for the building. He insists it is his business and won't budge.     Can he cut off my water. He gave me a 5 day notice.

It is unlawful for your landlord to lock you out, shut off your utilities, refuse to make repairs, or do other things to evict you without going through the court.
It's called constructive eviction, and at least here in NY the landlord can be held liable for ... I think it's triple damages ...  Get a lawyer.
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