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Breaking a lease for personality reasons

Hello,  I own a house in Manhattan and have a roommate who rents a basement bedroom. He has lived with me since December 2010 and has a signed lease until December 2012. I have asked him to move out by May 31st, 2012 because of personality differences. (He pays rent on time.) He will not respond to my emails asking him to move by that date. Does anyone have advice on my legal liability and on what my next step should be?   I greatly appreciate any advice.  Best,  Lisa
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Hi Lisa, I am not an attorney, so I am not able to offer any legal advice. However, with a signed lease it may be hard since its a legally binding agreement, esp. if he has not broken any lease terms.   You could use this form, if there is a violation  There is also this form, if it was an agreeable end of lease.  If you do not hear from him, you may want to ask an attorney.
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