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Is this me or my attorney?

I am a very new and inexperienced landlord, and here is my story.  I have a tenant in Brooklyn, NY who owns me six months rent by now. I hired a lawyer, and today was my court date. Before the courtroom was opened, I met my tenant. We're on a good speaking term. I told him that I need the apartment, and the sooner I get the keys back the more I'm willing to forgive him in unpaid rent. At this point, he promised me to vacate the apartment in about ten days and didn't mention he wanted the postponing of the trial.  After the courtroom was opened and all people were admitted in, my lawyer arrived and called my tenant outside. Without me! When he came back, he told me that he wanted to get an amount the tenant could afford as soon as possible and that the tenant asked for adjournment (postponing) the trial. Well, it was the smartest thing for him to do, and I was afraid he would do that. But that's his legal right, and we live in a law-abiding country.  We are called to the judge, and my lawyer tells the judge that the tenant wants the adjournment. Then the new court date is set. The tenant also told me he was "terrified" by my lawyer.  All this is very new to me, therefore questions:  1. Why my lawyer talked to my tenant without inviting me? 2. Why my lawyer essentially spoke to the judge on behalf on my tenant? Is that common practice? 3. Can I trust my lawyer? If not, what can/should I do?

The attorney must keep you up to date on developments in your legal matter.
The attorney should not talk to your trenants in your absent. He should have taken you for the talk and resolve the case.
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