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Was given notice the Tenant did not want to renew Lease and now won't leave

I rented to a couple that were engaged they signed the lease together along with a co signer. I offered them to renew there lease and they notified me via text and have spoken on the phone regarding the matter that they will not be renewing and now March 31st when they should be out that the Female will be gone but the Male will be staying since he hasn't found anything yet. I have already been showing the place and bought plane tickets to go prep the place for new tenants. What are my rights in Colorado. If they gave me notice that they would be leaving and now are not.  Thanks
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Jessica, you can find this notice on this site...  The letter reminds the tenant that you will be showing the property to prospective tenants in the near future, and asks that the tenant begin the process of cleaning and otherwise readying the property for tours. Instructions for security deposit return and a request for a forwarding address are also included.   Also, there is a non renewal notice, reminding them the lease is not renewed.
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