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Tenent Moved Out without giving notice.

As the title states..I got a call from the neighbor next to my unit last night letting me know that my tenant had moved out yesterday. I received no calls, txt messages or email from her indicating that she was breaking the lease (ends 11/12)and leaving 8mo's early. I went over first thing this morning and just as my neighbor stated all but some food and a box of clothes is left.  I changed the locks.  What are my next steps...

This is a good notice to use once the Landlord has sufficient proof that a tenant has abandoned the rental property or if the Tenant has vacated and left personal property in the rental unit.
I would check with the utility companies to see if service was terminated. This is good evidence that tenant has vacated property.
Jessica & Bob Thanks for the advice.  Apparently she used a moving company that was hired a few days before she skipped out., going against what she had told me on the Friday prior.  The electric service was shut off on 4/2/12.Which means the disconnect order was likely  put in either Sunday or early Monday.   I turned over the whole mess over to my attorney Monday afternoon.
BTW- He was really impressed with the quality of the lease that I got from this site.
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