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Repair vs Replace damage at move-out

If you choose to repair items like holes in doors and not replace.  Can you charge % of a new door because the repair is not perfect.

Holes in doors are difficult to repair to their original "look". I normally charge the cost of a like-kind new door, finish of door and install charge. Exclude door knob and hindge, unless it was damaged. If you decide to replace with unlike-kind, charge only cost of like-kind. Or you can charge the cost of repair. In both cases, you should probably hire someone to do the work. This way, total cost is deductable. Don't forget to take pictures of the damaged and new door. Also, have repair person indicate on propasal that door can not be repaired and why,if this is true.
This question was more about what I can charge a tenant at move-out for repair vs replace.  I should have been clearer. sorry.  I could replace the door, I could fix but not perfect.  I feel maybe I charge for a new door but no labor.  It saves the tenant moving out some money on the deposit.  It also puts money in my pocket. Is that alright?
If a tenant damages your property, it is their responsibility to have it returned in the condition that they received it. If "repair" accomplishes this, than have it repaired. If not, have it replaced. If the tenant damaged the door, I'm not sure why you're so concern about saving them money. They did the damage, they are responsible to return it to the same condition. You're in the rental business, treat it as a business.
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