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Eviction with Bankruptcy

I recieved their rent check as of the 5th the same day I received Bankruptcy papers from them. They filed for a chapter 13. I have been in touch with their lawyer and notified her that they are not up to date on rent and she said that they had told her that they were. I have been in touch with their back for their rent check and the bank is saying that it will not clear. I have been notified by the electrical company and they have not paid that bill as well. I have called them and left messages but have not received anything back. This is not the first time that they have wrote me a hot check. I am tiered of the late rent and not paying utilities on time. Can I proceed with the demand for compliance papers? Honestly I just want them out of my house! How should I go about handling everything? Do I need to do anything first before I file for the demand for compliance papers? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Christa, it sounds like you should file for an eviction. Before understanding the legal process for evicting a tenant, it's important that landlords understand that there is no other legal way to remove a tenant. A self-help or illegal eviction is when a landlord decides to take matters in his/her own hands without following the procedures prescribed by state and local law. Here is a helpful article:
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