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Judge's Order for Eviction?

Three days ago I won a Civil Action Judgment in Bergen County New Jersey for my tenant to vacate the premises no later than  June 1,2012. The basis for order is that the hose has been For Sale since Dec. 1,2011 and the tenant refuses to show the house. There are two problems, the tenant still refuses to abide by the order and show the house. I HAVE A VERY INTERESTED PRO - Spective Buyer who will not go forward until he sees the first floor, understandable. HOW DO I LEGALLY GET THE TENANT TO  SHOW THE HOUSE. it appears to me that the Judge's ruling for eviction has no teeth. I am also positive that the tenant will use every possible delay tactic to stall the eviction. Secondly, he has only paid partial rent for April, he owes $850. and I can only assume that he will not pay the May rent. The Civil Action Judgment for the eviction in my favor came from the Chancery Division. If I file for the rent in Landlord/Tenancy Court for the unpaid rent for April and prevail and the tenant pays the back rent, do I lose the Order of Eviction in the other court? I need some advice here on both areas.
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Jeff, how frustrating. I don't have any legal advice for you, but this site does have some NJ attorneys if you are seeking legal council. Here is the link:
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