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Ok, so I hired a friend as property manager, because I am in AZ and my house is in NC.  My property manager went to the house and gave the tenant papers, sheriff was there due to tenant calling, for notice to vacate.  30 days notice!  Now the 30 days is up on 24 June, but the tenant now says she is not leaving and I have to take her to court so she can get another 30 days.  Her husband just got out of jail on bond, because when she decided to call the police on my property manager, her husband had four warrants for failure to appear.  Nevermind the fact that they havent paid rent since Jan!  Is there anything I can do to get them out faster?  The tenant has been letting the property manager show the property and it is already rented for 1 July!  They are harassing my neighbor and ran her off the road the other day because she gave the property manager my house key and was talking to her when she was given the paperwork.  These people are a nuisance and i just want to be done with them.  
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