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Can someone advise a tenant, please? I need advice....

Renting in NY apt complex since 9/2011. Rent paid monthly. Financial diff ensued, my bf of 4yrs offered to move in & pay half rent, as he owed me some $$ to begin with. Since Jan 2012, I've received $3000 fr him (rent $2400/mo). Last week, I moved out secondary to domestic issues....he is still living there (only my name on lease). Summons to appear in court July 5. I will be able to pay June's rent on July 10, when my disability check comes in. (disabled family physician due to severe medical issues). I am willing to pay out remainder of lease in large installments, avoiding addt'l attnys fees. I have been a stellar tenant. Admin/leasing office add aware of financial situation mos. ago...met w a shrug of their shoulders. Now temp living w parents. Former bf is not 'donating' $$ to the cause bc I left him.  Yet he's there. I'm here. Advice? Please?
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Michelle, its a complicated situation. I really cant offer any advice, other then you need to end the lease agreement somehow. If your name is on that lease, then you are liable.
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