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30 day notice

If someone is on a month to month lease in Ohio, and gives a 30 day notice on the 11th of the month, saying they will be out the 11th of the following month--and then pays 11 days of rent when their rent is due on the first.  This is our first time renting and it seemed that as long as they gave a 30 days notice that's all that was required.  They hand delivered their notice and asked if they should pay the proprated 11 days or the full month and they would get refunded.  We didn't see the point in refunding and told them to just pay the 11 days.  I just read somewhere that the 30 day notice should have been from the beginning of the lease period--the first of the month, and end on the last day of the month.  They have had a rental property for years and have experience at this, so I feel they walked me into being ripped out of 2 weeks rent.  Any advice?
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