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28 day notice from tenant

One of my tenants has given more than a 28 day notice.  They are on a month to month.  The move out date is Sept 3rd.  Do they have to pay rent for the whole month of Sept since I will probably not be able to rent it out until Oct.

If they are month to month and gave you a months notice, that seems really fair. I would pro rate their rent and not charge them for two days, that seems silly.
I would pro-rate and charge them for the 2 days, just take it out of the security deposit when you do your refund back.
WI is a whole rental period state so they would owe for the entire month unless you are able to find a replacement tenant for the remainder of the the month.  So legally they owe for the month.  It is up to you whether you want to be 'nice' or a businessperson.
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