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contract default

I'm a tenant in CA. We moved away from home for my husbands new job. Hower he has now been moved back to his former position and posted almost 150 miles from where we now live. It's been a couple months and are completely financially drained and he is physically unable to do the 4 hour daily commute safely anymore; he's just too drained! We only have one month left on our lease (13 1/2 month lease when we thought it was just 12) and are currently paid for this month.  The homeowners wont let us out of liablity for August (the last month) rent nor will they allow the property manager to let anyone else move in. They will not let him although he stated he has a couple people interested that would be able to cover August rent if they areeligible. We've already made arrangements and are into a contract for the new place up north (where his job is). We cant afford to lose our deposit nor can we afford to pay rent on two places next month. What can we do? I've already written a letter explaining the circumstances and they wont budge.
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Shannon, wow it sounds like you have a difficult Landlord. I do know that certain states allow you to give your landlord notice and they should comply. Check with your states laws.
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