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Problem Tenant

I have a fairly new tenant who has become a nuisance. Its clear to me now that she is creating numerous problems, constant complaints and excuses for late rents and violation notices I have received from my HOA. She strikes me as the type that will do anything to get away with not paying and staying as long as possible for free. She has now decided to withold rents until I address certain issues with repairs to the unit. I sence she will always find something wrong and use this as a reason to withold rent. I simply want to break this lease and/or have her evicted. I reside in Los Angeles and am not familiar with Nevada laws regarding Eviction and if she can legally withold rent. Note: The maitenance issues are minor and I always address them. Though some are questionable.  Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

I would send a late notice, if rent is not paid start the eviction process.
It depends if you're required to meet her demands or not. She has the right to sue, but will she have a case?........If she doesn't pay rent on due date, contact a lawyer and file a Notice to Pay or Quit.
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