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Tenant Leaving After 13 Days!

Hello,new here and have a delima.We leased(1 yr.) our apartment upstairs to a couple with 2 children.The lease states no pets,they came to us crying the week before moving in that they could not put their dog down and noone would take her.She is a very old dog with arthritis and weighs I would say 150 lbs.She can't go up or down the stairs.They said they would be bringing her down 3 times per day to potty.I have seen the dog 3 times in 13 days only.The daughter is coming down with a bag of feces at the end of the day and you can hear a carpet shampooer going upstairs.I assume the dog is pottying in the apartment.We had said they could have her verbally but she is not on the lease and no pet deposit.We are dog lover's and have 1 small dog.We felt bad and let them keep her.  They told us they never have company but as they are moving in they came down and said her brother would be visiting for a couple of days.We approved.Then she said later her sister's were coming too for a week.We approved.Then a day later her sister,2 daughter's and their 2 small kids (4 and 6)were all coming for a week and a half.  We said we would charge 40.00 for the water usage.We charge these people 750.00 per month all utilities paid including cable.They finally agreed.Now you have 9 people and a huge dog in a 2 br apartment for a week and a half. We furnish 1 a/c unit only.They moved in their own and installed in the same room as the other a/c.They run around the clock.Last night we discovered the noise we are hearing is a washing machine.The apt is upstairs and not set up for this.She hangs her laundry on the deck viewable from the street.I asked her about it and she lied.Would not let me in the apt.Now they say they are moving out by the 1st and expect their deposit back.We bought this home last year and this is our 1st attemp at renting or leasing.We don't know what to do now.Any help would be appreciated.We are in Illinois.The reason for leaving is that she does not get along with me.It is too stressful for her,she weighs more than 300 lbs.and broke our new toilet seat the first 2 day's.The noise from her walking vibrates the house.I'm not trying to be funny,I am very serious.She does not come down often due to not being able to breathe,she has asthma.  
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It sounds like they are a pain to deal with -- it would be much better to get rid of them than to keep them.  Take their deposit, subtract any damages, and give them a check to their forwarding address.  Move on and find better tenants.
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