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Pet damage

My tenant after 3 yrs has moved out of my condo as I want to sell it. She was allowed to have 1 cat I didnt charge her a pet deposit just a security deposit, now my carpet was older but in good shape, and I had mentioned to her that I would like to replace it after she leaves...her cat urinated all over the place , we just took out the carpet which was discusting & the subfloor does have damage from the urine in certain places. We're trying to clean it to see if the smell comes out, now the question is should I keep some or all of her deposit ? I feel guilty charging her for it because she was under the impression that I was going to replace it anyway , but still this damage was beyond normal wear & tear ? Any advice, I'm a 1st time landlord & if I had known better I wouldnt have allowed her to have a pet !  
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