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ending a lease

Tenant sign one year lease had paid first and last. No new lease was made the tenant became month to month.  Is th tenant required by law to give 60 days written notice.

If the tenants terms changed, I would certainly have them sign a lease amendment stating the terms have changed. Traditionally with a month to month lease, the tenant is required to give one months notice of termination.
Tenant sign a one year lease paid first and security and wants to end lease before it ends. Tenant is to give a 30 day written notice, but by breaking the lease the tenant is responsible for any remaining month owed per lease agreement. My question is how should I handle this issue?  Johnniemae
Tenant had asked about possibility of pet.  I explained rules of getting approval of the pet, paying pet fee.  Humane Society wouldn't release pet to tenants without my approval.  Tenant's mother (does not live in property) applied to humane society instead and was granted possession of pet.  Then tenant's mother gave pet to tenants as a gift!!!  All of this happened while tenant had requested extension on paying rent (which I had given).  In effect, they went behind my back to get the pet which in my mind breaks their lease which plainly says no pets are allowed without express permission of landlord!  I told them if they could get a dog they could pay rent but they didn't see that way.  They did come up with pet fee/deposit which I accepted but said rent could not be paid until a week later.  I want to evict but do I have any grounds for it?
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