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Ruined blinds

My tenant ruined my custom blinds.  I'm trying to re-order, but the manufacture is now out of business, which means that I have to order 2 new blinds for the room so that they match.  Can I charge my tenant for both blinds?

One of the biggest issues with security deposits is "Can I take this deduction and is it considered more than normal wear and tear?" Basically with proper documentation, you probably can successfully deduct for the cost to REPLACE the blinds. Make sure you back up everything with pictures, preferably before and after, along with receipts of the cost of the new ones.
My best guess is the only way you could do this is to prove that ou cannot get a "fair match" produced by another blind company.  Check with several.  Some can make blinds that at least look very similar.  You can always replace just the one with a similar product and then replace the other one in the future so they will match then.  Have the blind MFR give you a quote on the one blind only (have them charge full price) then ask them about discounts if you order 2.   Use the single estimate sheet for what you will charge the tennant.  
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